Project Description
A Windows application for connecting to an AVR via RS232 serial or USB-to-COM FTDI ports. Works on Arduino, Bare Bones Board, and any custom boards with max232/FTDI IC and USB or DE-15 connector. Also contains a rudimentary TCP/IP server for telnet access to your AVR.


I needed a serial communication program to debug my AVR projects and the available ones had some issues that were difficult for me to work around so I wrote this serial terminal. The application automatically detects available COM or USB-to-COM ports and makes them available in a drop down box on the toolbar. It also includes the beginnings of a TCP/IP server so that you may telnet into your AVR from remote locations.


The AVR Terminal was first developed to act as an interface to the AVR Shell (avrsh), modeled after a UNIX shell. I then modified it to interface with AVR Mastermind, a game of deductive logic as the primary output device. It has some known issues, but at this time works well enough. The original download page can still be found here.



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